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Washington State Pushed to Recognize Threat of Ocean Acidification to Coastal Waters

Ocean acidification is receiving greater attention from marine scientists as ocean waters worldwide have been found to be getting more acidic. Absorbing and storing carbon […]

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Deep Ocean Argo Floats, New Approach Yield New Insights into Ocean Acidification

Thanks to the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration and a joint US-Canadian research team, it is now possible for marine scientists to use satellite data from five-foot-tall Argo floats that drift with deep ocean currents to remotely monitor ocean acidity (pH) and the total carbon dioxide (CO2) content of seawater to better understand changes in ocean chemistry.

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Marine Scientists Call for Sharper CO2 Emissions Cuts to Slow Ocean Acidification

Governments around the world need to take immediate actions to keep atmospheric CO2 levels below 450 ppm in order to slow ocean acidification and avoid potentially drastic effects on marine ecosystems, shellfish and fish populations, according to a group of leading marine scientists.